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Daniel Harms's Reviews

Cabana Car Wash Inc

Listed in Car Washes

(713) 729-0400

4993 W Bellfort St, Houston , TX 77035

Reviewed on August 4, 2016. #1 of 1 Reviews

I took my 2014 Evolution here to get a car wash on 7/14/16. It has OE-size wheels and tires, even though the wheels are aftermarket. The auto car wash shredded both left-side wheels. To date I have been in discussions with Tom Formeller, and to a lesser degree Oscar Escobar, both self-professed 'Managers'. There has been zero resolution to this issue in the almost 3 weeks since, even though there is proof via pictures taken by myself, Oscar, and John (an assistant manager), plus a report taken by John as soon as the car rolled off the auto car wash. I apparently paid $25 to have $500 in damage done to my car by their auto car wash. If you have a nice car, or even if you don't, save yourself the headache and go somewhere else. If there is a resolution in the next few days, I'll consider altering this review. If not, a Letter of Intent to sue for damages is ready to be mailed.
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